About Ceremony

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Ceremony is a hardcore punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area that formed in 2005. http://www.ceremonyhc.com 2) Ceremony is a post-punk/shoegaze band from Fredericksburg, Virginia, featuring two members of Skywave. Their next release is slated to be released in Mid April. 3) Ceremony is a rock band based in Australia with a worldwide release of their debut album available early 2008. 4) Ceremony was a short lived dutch death metal band that hybridized thunderous New York death metal with Scandinavian death metal. 5) Ceremony was a short-lived rock band, created by Chastity Bono, Cher's daughter, in 1993. Ceremony released one album, Hang Out Your Poetry, in 1993. The band featured Bono on vocals, acoustic guitar, and percussion. Other members were Heidi Shink a/k/a Chance, Pete McRae, Steve Bauman, Louis Ruiz, and Bryn Mathieu. All the songs except one were written or co-written by Bono, Heidi Shink, and Mark Hudson. There are no synthesizers or digital effects anywhere on the album. 6) Ceremony was a Dutch new wave band in the mid-eighties. Young and moody they played some short but impressive gigs. 7) Ceremony was a Death/Thrash Metal band from the USA now split-up (previous band of Morbid Angel lead singer Steve Tucker). They only released one demo ("Ceremony"), which was recorded again on a MCD ("The Days Before The Death") in 2000.