Fish Tank

About Fish Tank

This page is for Singapore band Fishtank ( and also East Coast band FISH TANK ( After seeing the band's substation show, Wakemeupmusic label founder John Chiong was electrified. And in 2001 - Fishtank spoke their very first words. 2001's Souvenir Novelties & Party Tricks hurtled towards jaded, unsuspecting music fans at warp speed. Fishtank' unique punk-ska sensibility was fresh, immediate, weird and exquisite - a cacophony of melodic intricacy tempered by a quirky, childlike enthusiasm. It became the little album that could - and would - turn local indie-rock on its head. Fishtank had arrived. If Souvenir Novelties & Party Tricks came directly at you, then its sophomore Make Nice kindly invites you in. A bigger, bolder production aesthetic took everything up a notch and - alongside more adventurous songwriting - polished an already golden egg. To play music for a long time, you have to surprise the people that know you - while also surprising yourself. Enter Make Nice. Recorded over time by Leonard Soosay - Make Nice is a whole new animal. It is the sound of a band growing up and out. Fishtank's infectious, fast frantic style is still at the core, and tireless. But anything can happen around it - and in this case, it does. Channeling a Muse-like guitar riff intro, "I want out" pairs a Biffy Clyro rhythm with The Fratellis singalong shout out choruses. Elsewhere the band toys with tweaked-out reggae rhythms ("One Shot"); frantic, arpeggiated thunderous anthems ("Conversations"); and, taking cues from the vibe of the new line-up - sweeping, fuzztoned epics ("Yahoo! Superstar"). Finally, "Young & Old", "Candlelight" and "Walkaway" are the songs that didn't fit in then are now reworked into exhilarating, rollicking, rock-solid songs we've all come to desire from Fishtank. So have a listen to Fishtank's Make Nice. And consider yourself surprised.