Gary Delaney

About Gary Delaney

Gary Delaney (born 1973) is a writer and stand-up comedian.
BBC Online described Delaney as "the man Jimmy Carr tries to be".
He writes for Birmingham-based FM radio station Kerrang! 105.2 and also appeared in the horror-comedy film Trash House. A lot of his material was allegedly plagiarised on the humour website Sickipedia. When Delaney complained, he received abuse and death threats from the site's users. However, his actions led the website to begin to attribute authorship of the jokes appearing on its site.
His first Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Purist, won generally very positive reviews, including four stars from comedy website Chortle, Spoonfed and The Independent newspaper. Delaney had two of his gags included in the top ten of the third annual Dave Award for the Funniest Joke of the Fringe, the only comedian to do so.
In July 2012 he appeared on Mock the Week. Some residents of Jersey were offended when he joked that people from Jersey were "trying to shake off their tax avoidance tag and get back to their traditional reputation as Nazi sympathisers." The BBC, however, reiterated that Mock the Week contains irreverent humour and that the comment was "obviously tongue-in-cheek".
He is in a relationship with fellow stand up comedian Sarah Millican and lives in Erdington, Birmingham. Contributing to the topical podcast No Pressure to be Funny, in May 2013, he described himself as a "right-wing libertarian".