About Iceage

There are 5 known bands who use the name Ice Age: 1) Most well-known on the progressive rock / metal Ice Age, founded in the early 90s. 2) Swedish Female Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal band active mostly in the 80s. 3) Hardcore band from NY. The band consists of (former) members of This Is Hell, Up The Fury, Soldiers, etc. 4) Young band from Copenhagen. They spell Iceage in one word. ( 5) Gothic Rock band from Germany. Released one cassette in '92. 1) Ice Age is a progressive rock / metal band, founded in the early 90s. Their debut album "The Great Divide" (1999) was a great prog album in the vein of bands like Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. In 2001 the band released "Liberation" which was followed by a self-financed EP in 2003 due to the end of the band's contract with Magna Carta. Though hailed by many prog fans as an awesome (yet underrated) band, Ice Age never sold many albums and disbanded in 2005 to continue on with a totally different (non-prog) approach under the name "Soulfractured". 2) Another band called Ice Age was active in the mid- to mid 80s. It consisted of 4 Swedish girls who played Thrash Metal. They disbanded after releasing 4 demos and recording a video that got some airplay in the U.K. Formed January 14, 1985 by Sabrina Kihlstrand and Nyström, who were also the main songwriters (music in collaboration, lyrics by Nyström). The band was rounded out by Sabrina's sister Helena, and Strömberg. Ice Age were initially known as Rock Solid, but switched to their more geographically apt monicker after their first demo. Helena was replaced by Viktoria Larsson in October 1986. Their music can be found at their official website here: 3) ICE AGE is also the name of a hardcore band formed in Smithtown, NY. This band consists of former and current members of This Is Hell, Up The Fury, Soldiers, etc. They released an untitled 4 song demo in 2007. Visit their MySpace page here: 4) Young band from Copenhagen. formerly known as Born 2 Fuck. theyre called Iceage in one word. they have a 7 inch out on escho. 5) Gothic Rock band from Germany. Their only album, Extreme Cold Weather, was released in 1992 on No Control Torture.