About Jagga

More than one artist uses the name Jagga: 1) Jagga is the one time front man for UK music group Devils Gun, and is currently recording songs for his debut album. 2) Jagga is the DJ name for Joe Weber, the person behind Joseph Francis Machine and Mass Games. After Joseph Francis Machine stopped playing shows in 2006, Jagga started DJing parties with friends as The Creature. a loosely based party in NYC that existed from 2006 - 2008. The tracks on the album 'Benny Benassi Head' are all over the map genre-wise, a schizo collection of shitty techno, jokes songs, and remixes for friends, All in good fun! 'Benny Benassi Head' was never meant as a proper album, but rather a collection of tracks centered on a particular period of time. In July of 2008, the songs 'Benny Benassi Head', 'We Know How To Do This', and 'Go Go GO' were release simultaneously via MySpace. 3) Jagga is a dancehall vocalist from Montego Bay, Jamaica. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.