About Moxie

There are at least 3 artists using the name "Moxie": 1. London DJ; 2. The Moxie from Houston formed like many other bands: through a facebook courtship, a midnight Taco Cabana outing, and an STD testing session. Their music could be considered "post-funk," if such a thing existed, and their live shows are worthy of their namesake. Having just completed a national tour this summer (2007) ranging from Texas to New York to Missouri in the Funkwagen, their airport shuttle bus, this band has "moxified" thousands of unsuspecting citizens and turned (most of) them into fans. They've won every battle of the bands they've EVER played (2), one of the guys shook Chad Smith's hand after a Chili Peppers' concert, and at one show Ratatat totally used their guitar stand. This is the band you've never heard of that you don't want to miss. Houston's exist on the web at,, and http// 3. San Diego version is at