About Proxies

Proxies are a British electronic rock band from Yorkshire, England formed in 2010. On November 13, 2011, their upcoming debut single, "If I Had A Penny To My Name", received its debut airplay on BBC Introducing. Proxies have toured and performed with the likes of Kids In Glass Houses, Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Hadouken! and Metronomy as well as completing a series of headline shows in January 2011. Also 2) Synthpop/new wave band from Thessaloniki, Greece in the 1980s. They could easily fit in your synth-pop record collection next to bands such as O.M.D., Heaven 17 and the early Depeche Mode. Coming from the city of Thessaloniki, singer Giannis Nastas (currently the lead of Xaxakes), guitar player Dimitris Bizenis, drummer (?) Lazaros Pliambas and keyboard player Manolis Trichakis formed the Proxies in 1980. When they released their debut album "Groovin' Over Beirut" in 1983, they created a sensation. By the same year, CVR, their record label released a very smart cover of the Greek folk song "Fishing Boat" on a 12" EP which became a club hit. Thanks to the "Fishing Boat" track, they were discovered by the Greek audience. The band never managed to repeat their success and disbanded after 5 albums sometime in the mid 90's. For their last two albums they turned their name to Greek, "???????". Although Proxies should be well respected for their contribution to the Greek new-wave, synth-pop scene, their first album is nowdays very rare ... They released 2 LPs: "GROOVIN' OVER BEIRUT" in 1983 and "Eastern Side of Love" in 1984.