Random Hand

About Random Hand

Random Hand are a 4 piece punk band from Keighley West Yorkshire. Their sound fuses influences from many genres, including ska, reggae, punk, metal, hip hop and dub. The band is typically associated with the punk scene due to its ethics and lyrical content. The main themes represented within the songs are usually of a social and/or political nature, which reflects the environment in which they were written. The band have acquired a nationwide UK fan base and are renowned for their energetic live shows. Random Hand formed in late 2002, and consists of Joe Tilston (Bass & Vocals), Robin Leitch (Vocals & Trombone), Mathew Crosher (Guitar & Vocals) and Joe Dimuantes (Percussion & Samples). The four members came from three other bands who played a part in the local Keighley scene in the years leading up to the formation of Random Hand. Random Hand played their first show on 31st December 2002 at a local house party. The first official gig was on Valentines Day 2003 at the Vic Hotel in Keighley. The gig was followed with other shows around the West Yorkshire, namely in Huddersfield, Leeds and Halifax. The band recorded a demo in the summer of 2003, comprising four tracks with a hint of what was to develop into the band's trademark heavy punk/ska sound. The demo was given as a free release for download, while the band continued to gig and develop their sound. In late 2004 the band spent time with producer TimG to record a better representation of what the band was now creating live. Named the 'On The March EP', it featured the tracks "Tear Down", "Mr.Bib Wakes Up", "The Story" and "Morally Blind". This first release also featured two live recordings. This period is often regarded as the start of the bands career. The band set off on their first tour in January 2004 with Catch-it Kebabs and Zen Baseball Bat. This tour was soon followed by a self-booked UK tour in March to co-incide with the release of their debut EP, 'On The March'. Random Hand continued to play nation-wide, with appearances at events like Morcambe's Wasted Festival and shows with The Planet Smashers, Adequate Seven, Sonic Boom Six, Bad Manners, The Beat, Skindred and Babar Luck. The latter teamed up with the band in the studio to record two tracks "Save Us In This World" and "One World", which on special occasions have been played live. The band began to be represented by Hidden Talent Booking in 2006. This saw Random Hand playing shows on Adequate Seven's final tour, Lightyear's reunion tour and the 'Three Way Dance' with Sonic Boom Six, Failsafe and Crazy Arm, before heading to the studio to record their debut album Change of Plan[2] with Peter Miles in Southampton. The record was released on Riot Music on May 7th 2007. Following the release, the band toured with the likes of Voodoo Glow Skulls, Grown at Home, The JB Conspiracy, Left Alone and played larger shows at City Invasion, Rebellion and Leeds Festival[3]. Tracks from the album received regular play on the Mike Davies[4] Show and an airing on the Steve Lemacq Show[5], resulting in the band recording a session at the world famous Maide Vale Studios for the Radio One Punk Show at the end of 2007. Tracks also appeared on several cover CD's for Big Cheese Magazine. 2008 started with the bands first headline tour of the UK, with 20 dates across the UK. Taking up an invitation from Voodoo Glow Skulls to play in the US, the band joined them on their 2008 west-coast tour. 2008 also saw performances at several festivals in the UK, in April at City Invasion in Bolton and London, and at the end of May as part of their tour with Sonic Boom Six and Big D and the Kids Table they played both Slam Dunk Fest and Strummercamp. The band also once again performed at Rebellion Festival, the world's biggest dedicated punk festival in Blackpool in mid August. The band appeared at the 2008 Reading and Leeds Festival on the Lock-Up stage. Random Hand also embarked on a 28 date tour with pop-punk band, Mike TV through October and November 2008. In early September 2008 Random Hand sent this message from the band's myspace: "We're very excited to announce the release of our second album "Inhale/Exhale" on Rebel Alliance Records, joining Sonic Boom Six and The Babylon Whackers. Yeah 2011 saw the release of the band's third LP "Seething Is Believing" and their 1000th show. http://www.rebelalliancerecordings.com"