Random Impulse

About Random Impulse

Hailing from North London, armed with unmatched flow, fierce delivery and bursting with content, the young Random Impulse is quickly becoming recognised as one of the most talented and refreshing new artists to appear from the U.K. It is apparent to say the least, that 22 year old Random Impulse is more than a just a skilled m.c: distinctively recognized for his unique genre-crossing concepts and an almost eerie clear sense of descriptiveness, the artist has gained an extensive army of fans spanning across a surprisingly varied number of sub-cultures. From Goths and skaters to street and urban, listeners far and wide hail the artist as "The only UK rapper I'd spend money on," and a mere glance at the sales generated from his previous releases clearly justify there claim. His first solid debut release came in the form of "Word On The Street", a 44 track mixtape, dynamically retailed at 4.44. He managed to sell an astronomical 10,000 units independently in a short space of 6 months: a figure that stood out like a light house in a fog of plummeting sales in the UK hip hop scene. The sudden success of the mixtape quickly got the attention of D.Js on legal radio stations such as BBC radio and Kiss 100 fm and the artist was invited on numerous shows to talk about this anomaly. Surprised and excited, Random Impulse quickly began work on a more serious and creative set of songs that would become one of the most demanded and anticipated releases on the streets of London, the project only known as "Full Metal Alchemist." His name Random Impulse reflects his multi-faceted persona perfectly, as his song concepts stretch across an unusually large spectrum. Whilst listening to the new project, you are submerged into a roller coaster world that forces you into a rollercoaster state of nostalgia despite your lifestyle, gender or creed. Whether he's expressing fear from his unstable workaholic life with the dramatic piano driven "Suicide," forcing you to feel a deep sense of guilt and empathy as he speaks first person as an addicted mother on the soul rendering "The Heroine" Or simply captivating all of the senses with his dynamic story-telling abilities in the form of "Time Travel" where his descriptiveness reaches levels to the point where you could almost swear you can physically see the events in his epic tale. With all this under his belt, it is safe to say that the young man Jovel Walker, otherwise known as Random Impulse is off to a fantastic start, and as his number of fans continue to grow, and sales continue to escalate, we can only sit back and watch as his journey continues.