The Lancashire Hotpots

About The Lancashire Hotpots

St. Helens, England "Twenty first century folk for twenty first century folk" ' Ows tha doin cocker? Here's some reet gradely stuff about everyone's favourite North West folk singers the Lancashire Hotpots. As we all know, the 'Hotpots' like Prestwich Hospital, are a long established Lancashire institution. They have been singing songs about the traditions and people of Bolton, Preston, Wigan and St Helens for nigh on 30 crackin' years. I'm sure thas all remembers back in't 70s they had their legendary TV show 'Shut Thi Trap', just after Look North West, when Stuart Hall was on it wi John Mundy. There they'd sing the songs from't past that the owd 'uns all sing along to. Eee, I remember it well, all't classics such as 'Down't Pit, Down't Mill, Down't t'hole int' ground' 'Favver, has tha seen me cap?' 'Ee, I think thas got rickets!' 'Giz Six pints o'mild, I'is planning to get ratted' In recent times there's bin a change of line up fert Hotpots which has seen the arrival of three new members Dicky Ticker, Bernard Thresher and Bob Wriggles. This injection of young blood has seen a change of direction fert group who have decided ter embrace the young 'uns and try and get them into our traditional music. It's hard getting them to listen mind, one minute they want folk on, the next minute its folk off!! So the lads has written them a new style of folk song just fer them. Its "twenty first century folk for twenty century folk" they say and they hope all young 'uns across thi land will enjoy their new sound! T'hotpots can recommend those Emmet lads if tha fancies a bit o' that rumpy thumpty dance music.